About Robert Gore

Robert Gore grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico, graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa ​from UCLA with a double major in economics and political science, and from UC Berkeley with graduate degrees in business and law. He held part time jobs throughout undergraduate and graduate school. He passed the bar exam and is an inactive member of the California Bar Association. 

Mr. Gore traded bonds in Los Angeles for a Wall Street firm for five years before moving to a Southern California based brokerage. There he became one of the firm’s youngest partners, traded bonds for twenty-two years, managed the fixed income division, and was on the executive committee. A former president of the Los Angeles Municipal Bond Club, he has appeared on television and radio as an expert on fixed income securities. He has been quoted in various publications, and had a letter to the editor published in the Financial Times. In 2006, he publicly and frequently warned of impending housing and financial crises. He set up a propriety trading desk to capitalize on the situation, and his family sold their house. In 2012, he retired from finance to write full time.

Mr. Gore’s first novel, The Gordian Knot, a legal thriller and courtroom drama, was published in 2000. He writes about economic, political, and cultural issues on his website, straightlinelogic.com and his readership has steadily grown. The Golden Pinnaclea novel about a rags-to-riches Wall Street titan and his family, set during the Industrial Revolution, reflects a lifelong interest in that period and the entrepreneurial giants who built America. It is the first of a projected trilogy. 

Mr. Gore lives with his wife and son in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He golfs, skis, swims, bowls, and rides his mountain bike. The only television show he watches regularly is "The Big Bang Theory."



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